To promote community linkages and understanding among the global Naga diaspora and to work for the common good of all Nagas back home irrespective of political and ideological differences.


To provide the younger generations of Naga descent living abroad with opportunities to interact with their counterparts globally and in the homelands through well-organized programs, such as ‘Journey to my Heritage’ during festivals, visits to Naga villages, workshops on cultures, cultural immersion experiences, running Naga stores and stalls overseas.


To set up and run a twin Think-Tank (one composed of overseas Nagas and one in the homelands) whose function will be to brainstorm ideas and help implement programs aimed at improving the Naga society so that Nagas can become a competitive people in the fast changing world of the 21st century.


To collaborate with educational institutions in Nagaland and in the Northeastern region of India on projects and programs for improving learning and professional experience that will make Nagas competitive in the world.


To make available a team of experts in various fields that any administration in the homelands can consult and seek advice from.


To organize conferences/summits both in the homelands and in different member’s countries, so we can celebrate our common Naga heritage and share ideas on specific timely issues as well as broad themes that need addressing.